The Calum Audio Forum

Welcome to the CAL forum.

A public space where open and critical discussion of all things speaker related is encouraged.

Please note this is a brand new forum, if you experience any bugs, let us know in the Forum Requests and Support topic.


  1. Be respectful
  2. We're all here to learn. Think you know better? Great, share your knowledge but remember Rule 1
  3. Present data to support your points where possible
  4. Keep it SFW, any NSFW content will be deleted
  5. Keep the plan request posts in the relevant threads
  6. Discussions relating to designs under Patent, copyright or another license are okay. As soon as any license infringement is seen, the posts with the violation will be deleted. TLDR Don't share, or ask for plans for copyrighted speakers.

This forum operates a reasonable freedom of speech policy. So long as it's audio-related, and you stick to Rule 1, next to nothing is off limits.

We will not tolerate bullying, racism, discrimination, or threats. We work on a three strike system - you are given 3 chances and if you continue to break the rules, you get banned. I will revisit these terms periodically and tweak them as is suitable, and provide a changelog of alterations.

Cal 24/08/2023