Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose

We empower Sound System enthusiasts globally to listen to and share their music with others, through exceptional manufacturing of acoustic solutions.

Company Mission

The UK has a wonderful history of Sound System culture, stretching back to its roots in the Windrush generation. Since then, the scene has grown due to both an uptake of historical traditions and the advent of new technologies. Traditions can be passed from generation to generation by word of mouth, but specific technological advancements and the benefits they offer can be harder to access for the average person.

Calum Audio Ltd is setting out to create a company that is at the forefront of audio cabinet manufacturing, making Pro Audio level cabinets available to the average person. Where our manufacturing capacity is out of financial reach for people, we will endeavour to re-invest our profits to create a free online knowledge hub that gives people the tools they need to start making their own cabs.

We aim not to be the most knowledgeable single company in the audio industry, but instead to foster a global community of like minded people that will work together to create something bigger than any of us individually. Our community support work will never be lost, forgotten or ignored, no matter how large we grow in the future. We will never forget the roots of the company, or where our passion for music comes from.

We will supplement our catalogue of cabinets with all related ancillary products, providing the public with a ‘one stop shop’ for all things audio. The community forums and resource hubs will allow people to make educated choices on what cabinets the want, they can get quotes for the designs they choose, get custom cabs built, source all drivers, hardware, amps, racks and cables through us, then use our online resources to learn how to use it all properly.

We will diversify our revenue streams to ensure financial stability and longevity. This will take the form of higher volume OEM work, higher margin HiFi work, merchandise, consultation and sound engineering services alongside our usual work.

Calum Audio Ltd must be a rewarding place to work for its team. Everyone will always be paid at or above the national living wage. Working hours must be flexible enough to account for average family life and the summer festival season. Employee perks are to be introduced over the years as finances dictate.