Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you build cabs with?

I build exclusively in BB grade Birch Plywood. Nearly all the cabinets I produce use the 13 laminate 18mm plywood, though I occasionally use 12mm, 15mm or 24mm material.

We do not use Russian plywood in any of our products. All of our wood sources are traceable to the mill.

What drivers do you use?

I use a range of premium drivers from lots of different manufacturers. If you ask about what a particular cabinet is loaded with I'll happily tell you.

Our favourite brands are 18 Sound, BMS, B&C and Faital pro.

What are the benefits of CNC?

Having cabinets CNC cut is a way of assuring all cabs in a set are totally identical. It also allows me to easily ensure all cabs are fully rebated throughout - a 6mm rebate adds around 40% strength/surface area over a butt joint.

CNCing cabinets is considerably more efficient than hand processing panels. This saves money on manufacturing, a saving I can pass along to you.

Will you modify this plan for me?

Maybe, but often no.

Bolt hole patterns and baffle cutouts can be tweaked to suit other suitable drivers, but not of a different size.

Need further, or more extensive modifications? There is almost certainly another plan out there already that fulfil your needs without having to modify something.

Will you copy this pro audio cabinet for me?


Where in the world do you ship?

We ship all of our products anywhere in the world.

See our Shipping and Delivery page for more information.

Can you scale this cabinet up or down for a different sized driver?

No. This does not work.

Can we come for a listen?

Probably! I have a number of clients around the world that can demo some of the designs I have built, however (obviously) I can only demo cabinets that I have already built / have one to hand of.

We do not hold a stock of demo cabinets due to our workshop being quite small.

Will you design a custom cab for X or Y driver?

Nope. It's massively time consuming and thus expensive to design bespoke cabinets for a couple of old drivers you have lying around. I can help guide you towards an existing design that will meet your usage requirements.

Can you really build me Mforce cabs?

Yes I can do. The cabinets come loaded and are active - so plug and play ready. Please get in touch to discuss pricing.

Can we come talk to you in person?

Absolutely yes. Workshop visits are available by appointment. I also occasionally travel around the UK to sound engineer gigs and festivals, come say hi!