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Hungry for knowledge? Looking to learn more about audio or manufacturing? Below is a  centralised resource hub of all the interesting and useful websites that I use on a regular basis.

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  • HornResp - Direct radiator and horn loaded loudspeaker simulator, free
  • WinISD - Speaker design software, free
  • VituixCAD - comprehensive speaker simulation software, free
  • Akabak - BEM and LEM simulation software, free and ££££ versions
  • COMSOL - Multiphysics simulation software, £££-£££££ versions
  • Sketchup - basic 3D modelling software, free and ££-£££ versions
  • Solidworks - My personal favourite CAD package, ££££
  • Fusion360 - Cloud based 3D CAD, with simulation and CAM built in, free - £££ versions
  • Vectric Aspire - Hobbyist CAM software, alright for the price, ££ to £££ versions
  • REW - Acoustic measurement software, well featured, free
  • SMAART - Acoustic measurement software, very well featured, excellent UI, £££-££££ versions
  • Open Sound Meter - Acoustic measurement software, similar to a cut-down SMAART, free
  • 10EaZy - Turnkey SPL measurement software and hardware, £££-££££ versions
  • FIR Designer M - FIR filter creation software, very good - £££ to ££££ versions
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard - The name says it all, ££
  • Dante Controller - necessary to make the above software work, free
  • Armonia+ - Powersoft control software, free
  • VLC Media Player - my go to PC media player, free
  • Davinci Resolve - professional video editing software, phenomenally well featured for free software, free

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